Personal Injury
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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Litigation

Loskamp & Associates represents individuals and families to pursue personal injury claims in cases involving complex fact situations and serious injuries.  Our experience in personal injury litigation lends itself to providing unique advocacy on behalf of injured plaintiffs.


Personal injury is our specialty. We have handled hundreds of personal injury claims both on the plaintiff side and for the defense. This provides for a unique perspective representing clients in all personal injury matters.


Over our thirty years in practice, we have created close relationships with experts in the fields of medicine, biomechanics, and automobile reconstruction located throughout the country who assist in our evaluation and representation claims. Additionally, our use of technology to create video reenactments and our use of photographic displays of injuries and medical procedures, have all proven to be a powerful aspects in effective persuasion for our client’s claims.


Here at Loskamp and Associates we take pride in our client’s successful outcomes both in a courtroom and in settlement.

“There is no substitute for experience.”